EsmaCAT 16CH Analog Input

The EsmaCAT 16CH Analog Input is the easiest, precise integrated solution to read analog signals from sensors. Its various programmable input range and error minimization technology, such as the successive approximation register (SAR) ADC mechanism, ensure the precision of measurement allowing 16bit effective resolution. Its Power-over-EtherCAT (POE) technology allows high speed communication and flexible connectivity by supporting daisy-chain wiring.  The 16Ch Loadcell Interface is a part of the EsmaCAT suite and is the ideal analog signal interface for both novice and expert Robotics engineers due to its compact size, easy programmable master software, and hardware setup.

Additional Features

  • Integrated Power Supply (Power-over-EtherCAT)
  • 7 Digital I/O Pins (Selectable I/O direction)
  • Over voltage tolerant (±16.5V overvoltage tolerant input)



Easy EtherCAT Tutorial With EsmaCAT - Read Single-Ended Analog Input


Easy EtherCAT Tutorial With EsmaCAT - Read Differential Analog Input


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EsmaCAT 16Ch Analog Input Datasheet