EsmaCAT Server Software - EtherCAT Master

EsmaCAT Server Software

EsmaCAT Server Software is an open-source EtherCAT master library written in C/C++, allowing developers to create their own EsmaCAT solutions.

EsmaCAT Server Software will be delivered with EsmaCAT Server S or Server C. The EsmaCAT Server Software is optimally deployed on a RT-Linux for a high-speed and real-time application.  

If you want to try the software, please send an email to with your brief contact information. We will send you the trial software.  




  • EsmaCAT Server S: Optimized for high-performance real-time computation with EsmaCAT Server Software
  • or EsmaCAT Server C: Optimized for the compact size and real-time computation with EsmaCAT Server Software


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